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Or if the files follow a reasonably strict naming structure you can embed either of the above in a simple bit of python; Begin Program. imports spss for i in range(0, 24 + 1): syntax = "get file = 'file" + str(i) + ".sav. " syntax += "insert file='syntax.sps'. " syntax += "save outfile ='file1_v2.sav'. " print syntax spss.Submit(syntax) End Program. Outfile here is used in an ambiguous way.

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descriptives, procedure for obtaining means, standard deviations, etc. save outfile, saves the current  /keep= /drop= • Save outfile. /keep= /drop= Page 4. Delete variables get file='Y:\ SPSS\Data\1991 U.S. General Social Survey.sav'.

We obviously needed to mention this command here. •Save outfile /keep= /drop= Delete variables get file='Y:\SPSS\Data\1991 U.S. General Social Survey.sav'. delete variables race sex.

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save outfile = 'c:\all\spssclass\trash\f2.sav' . match files file = 'c:\  Oct 13, 2020 You can use the FMTLIB=libref.format-catalog statement to save the run; proc export data=mycas.air dbms=sav outfile="/pathname/air1"  To merge two data files in SPSS (e.g.

Spss save outfile

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Example: SAVE OUTFILE = 'd:\mydirectory\mysubdirectory\mydata.sav'. where you have to fill in your directory and data set names. Note that SPSS issues no warning if you overwrite an existing data set, … 2014-10-24 This is the code that I am now use to save data from SPSS: SAVE TRANSLATE OUTFILE='/filepath/excel_file.xlsx' /TYPE=XLS /VERSION=12 /MAP /REPLACE /FIELDNAMES /CELLS=VALUES. However, using this means I create a new excel file or replace the existing file every time I run this syntax. This should achieve what you want, however if you have PYTHON and the programmability plug-in, there are even more elegant ways that you could takle this: HTH, Jason DEFINE SAVE_VIEWER() . DATA LIST /COMMAND (A255) . BEGIN DATA OUTPUT SAVE OUTFILE = 'R:\Report @@.spv' .

Spss save outfile

SPSS Programming and Data Management, Fourth Edition. Chapters 5 and 6; SPSS Learning Modules. Labeling and documenting data; Creating and recoding variables; Using SPSS functions for making and recoding variables; SPSS Frequently Asked Questions. How can SPSS help me document my data? To save updates to the SPSS syntax file, use pull-down menu File->Save or to save the SPSS syntax file for the first time, use pull-down menu File->Save As and select an appropriate directory and file name for the SPSS syntax file. PASW Syntax Editor window opens up with Log window on the left and the Programming window on the right. EXPORT OUTFILE works just like the SAVE OUTFILE command, including the KEEP and RENAME subcommands.
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Spss save outfile

*** aggregate the data for each block ***.

SAVE OUTFILE='D:\map\dataset.sav' /KEEP = VAR01 TO VARn SPSS will create an SQL statement to export the data.

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Unless you have a few files that contain lists, and unless there is a reason to differentiate between the first/middle/last lines in the list, the whole process could be done like this: The SAVE command instructs SPSS to save the file currently in memory as an SPSS system. The OUTFILE =output subcommand tells SPSS to name the system file [name].sav . The saved file the data and all data definitions and documention in the file in the computer memory. If you just select cases -not permanent- and save the file with the selected cases, unfortunately all cases are saved and not only the selected. Maybe there is a possibility to save only selected files. As far as my capabilities in SPSS-Syntax are concerned you have to use "SELECT IF group =1." But that's permanent.